Best Home Remedies For Cough  

Home Remedies For Cough; A cough is a problem for the throat, and the current poisonous contaminated air intake is in our health. For some people a cough has become a long-term problem, Some people are careful to eliminate a cough, but no use. for that today I’ll tell you 2 simple and very useful ways. It is possible to eliminate cough problems.

1. Cloves

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Cloves are a simple homemade for a cough. these are a simple homemade clove. these are a natural antibiotic. It usually reduces many kinds of problems, and it makes the blood clean. Cloves clean up all the insects inside the mouth. Recently several toothpaste companies use cloves in their products. Because its medicinal properties are effective for all kinds of mouth problems.

Even in the Ayurvedic syrup, cloves are a very important thing. The method for making it. Put 4 cloves in a glass of water and cook well and leave for a while. All the elements of the clove are absorbed water. After a while, remove the cloves from water and drink hot water. It should be drinking water before it cools. If it became cold, these water will be reduced the power of cloves it will work a bit. in this water should be drunk twice a day.

It can also be given to young children. 2 cloves of garlic, put half glass of water is enough for very young children. Drink 2 times a day is very good. these antibacterial properties begin to work on the body immediately after joining the body. If it is regularly consumed, the cough will be reduced within a week. This is a simple home for a cough.

2. Yellow Powder

Image result for HALADI The yellow powder is also a good home remedy for Cough in Ayurvedic. The yellow powder will slow down all kinds of problems and prevent them from getting rid of them. Yellow Anti-Bioethics and Anti-Allergic. It also has the ability to kill Insects and make blood clean. To reduce a cough, you need to add 2 more ingredients in addition to yellow, that is honey and salt.

A cough is quickly removed by mixing these 3 ingredients well. 1 small spoon yellow powder 1 small spoon honey and 1 small spoon Salt, Mix well and eat it in the morning for an empty stomach and night before bedtime after dinner. If you eat in the morning for an empty stomach, it will work fast and do not drink water 1-2 hours after eating it. If water is drunk, it will dissolve in water.

Eating an empty stomach thus kills insects. If you eat before sleeping at night, you will be able to get rid of a cough as soon as it stays in the throat. If you do so daily, you can see the best results in a week. All this is simple home tricks. This has no side effect, it belongs to the Ayurvedic system.

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