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Remedies For High BP. This blood pressure (BP) is one of the biggest killers who can kill a man quietly. Cardiovascular health is essential for body health, but in recent days most people suffer from high blood pressure and low blood pressure. We have some home remedies for this problem. Let’s know that …

1. basil leaf;

Basil Vitamin C and potassium magnesium have its essence, which helps in the formation of blood pressure. 10-15 If the basil leaf is mixed with honey, it is good for health if it is consumed in the empty stomach.

Solution For High BP

2. Onion;

Onion is good for many things, the benefit we get from onions is huge. Onions have many benefits for our health. Onion has a high BP reduction potential. Cut the onion and paste it well. Take the paste made and mix it with one teaspoon of honey. Eat an onion paste after drinking a glass of water. Do not eat anything for an hour after eating it. If you are consuming up to 2 months every morning, your BP problem will gradually decrease.

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3. Garlic, Ginger and honey ..

Garlic and ginger health ingredient in food that is really useful. Ginger 250 grams, 100 grams of honey and 100 grams of garlic, Cut the ginger and garlic well and add honey to it and mix well, after mixing store it in a bottle.  When mixing, water  should not be put in any way, If you put water, it can not store more than a day. It will soon get worse, so for that Avoid water as much as possible. You must eat this mixture for 5 minutes before eating in every day. You do not have to eat it in the morning, You should eat 5 minutes before lunch or dinner. this type you eat daily your BP problem will be reduced..


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